God Calling For Sponsorship – He needs you now!

God Calling For Sponsorship – He needs you now!

(DreamsPublicity.com) – May 5, 2012 – From the ethical & moral online magazine of 12 years, When Magazine’s reputation is astounding. The brand has increased dramatically in social media over the past 1 year alone. A God inspired & fueled independent media outlet (nothing “else” like it) with its own BlogTalkRadio station, When Magazine Radio’s TRUE CEO, GOD is calling for sponsorship. Step up to the plate now.

Remember the times when family core values used to matter. Of course there are a lot of family’s that still hold on to God’s principles, however most have strayed. When Magazine brings that light back into the family by providing Clean, Positive & Factual entertainment and news to the online world with plans of ending up in print in addition to the 12 year online version.

When Magazine Executives are no strangers to the game of Media & PR. Doug Deneve, owner of WhenMagazine.com hails from Nashville, TN – Music City with many Music Row connections, and Curt Bizelli, Publicist and Vice President for WhenMagazine.com also has these connections, however brings the tangible internet marketing & web production skills “to the table.” Most agree, When Magazine has been a Beacon of Light In a World Filled With Garbage for over 12 years, since 1999.

Seeking $500,000 in investment for When Magazine Business ideas that are unique & creative including reality TV shows and more, They are NOT ASKING FOR THAT NOW!

Check out the magazine for yourself at: www.WhenMagazine.com and pledge to donate $50 per month (or whatever you can afford) to keep When Mag Radio on the air.

From When Magazine Executives, “We appreciate you” … From GOD, THE TRUE CEO:

Mark 4:8 Still other seed fell on good soil. It came up, grew and produced a crop, some multiplying thirty, some sixty, some a hundred times.”  

To make a one time donation of any amount, go to:


Curt Bizelli, Publicist
Manifest Your Dreams Publicity
in association with When Magazine Productions

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